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"Special children are not just interesting medical problems. Nor should they be called burdens to their families and communities. They are children who need our help. If we allow them to, they will teach us love. If we allow them to, they will teach us compassion. They will make us better scientists, better physicians, and more thoughtful people."
             - Holmes Morton

Our mission:

To serve children who suffer from genetic and other complex medical disorders by providing comprehensive medical and consultative services, and by increasing and disseminating knowledge of science and medicine.

I am a psychotherapist who has successfully treated children and adults for more than 25 years across a wide variety of clinical diagnoses including many special needs. My philosophy centres on the understanding that emotions, both conscious and unconscious, are often the drivers of all behaviours. If you facilitate the correct expression of emotion, you can bring about balance, self regulation and develop powerful insights that can change behaviour.

I believe that when "special needs" children are met with honour, respect and dignity, they can flourish and usually succeed in life far beyond expectations.

The challenge is reaching, communicating, and teaching a person who has special needs. The answer lies in providing a special environment where safety, creativity and acceptance are experienced in a deep and profound way. It is only then that progress can be made.