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Neurotherapy is an ancient therapy based on the Vedic principles & philosophy.

For being healthy it is very important that the acid and alkali level in the body is balanced. If these varies for any reason (Diet, mental stress, physical strain , lack of sleep) then disease takes its root .

An individual is in a healthy state when all the systems of the body ( The Respiratory , Circulatory , Endocrin , Nervous , Digestive , Excretory )are in harmony and equilibrium .

Diseases arise because of disturbances of any of these systems in the body.

The aim of Neurotherapy is to determine which part of the body is not functioning to its optimal level, to locate the root cause for the malfunctioning of that organ and there by treat the disease .

Neurotherapy deals with the whole body and mind in totality .

The main philosophy behind this science is that the flow of blood is directed towards weaker organs, there by rejuvenating the organ over a period of time

By activating the secretion of the deficient hormone, by removing the blockage of blood vessels, the appropriate supply of right chemicals is set in motion in the diseased part .

Thus , Neurotherapy involves stimulation of the organs of stomach & activating endocrine glands in addition to setting alignment of spine .