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Homeopathy is a dynamic, holistic, philosophical and scientific medical science widely practiced in Europe and America.

Instead of using strong and powerful doses of medicine that have a broad spectrum effect on whole body, homeopathy use extremely small does medicines that are highly individualized to person's physical and psychological symptoms (Instead of localized pathology).

The focus is not the diseased part or the sickness, rather the totality of the individual.

The patient's life style, personality, habits and background are taken into consideration for selecting the right homeopathic medicine


  • All aspects of individual are considered.

  • Homeopathy uses low dose of natural products to help improve the body's own natural healing ability.

  • Despite using homeopathic medicine for years, there will never be any side effects or addictions

  • Homeopathy medicines are proved on healthy human beings (instead of rats, rabbits and other lab animals).

  • Homeopathic medicines enhance immunity, benefiting infants and children.

  • Permanent cure is assured.