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When diet   is    WRONG

Medicine     is    of NO USE

When diet   is    CORRECT

Medicine     is    of NO NEED

Diet therapy is concerned with planning of diet in maintaining health and in prevention and treatment of disease.

The benefits of a balanced diet are to feel better, to look better and have a longer, healthier life.

THE FOOD MUST BE TAKEN IN NATURAL FORM. E.g. fresh seasonal (local) fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables, sprouted grains and pulses, whole grain, nuts and healthy oil.

Intake of fat, salt and sugar should be reduced.

Our diet should consist of 20% acidic and 80% alkaline food for maintaining good health.

All fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline by nature.

All grains, sugar, dairy products, meat, fish, sweetened, beverages, frozen foods, bakery items, eggs, processed cereals etc., are acidic by nature.


  • To maintain good nutritional status.

  • To correct nutrient deficiencies which has occurred due to the disease.

  • To bring about changes in body weight wherever necessary.

  • To include/exclude certain allergic foods.

  • To increase body energy and immunity.