Advantages of Physiotherapy

                          Regular physiotherapy can provide relief to people of all ages suffering from a variety of ailments, injuries or disorders. With the help of high-quality physiotherapy, you can restore your pre-pain physical condition and fitness levels and lead a much active and healthy life. Some of the best-known benefits of physiotherapy include:
Restores normal movement/Improves mobility:
If you are having restricted movement due to Joint fracture, Tennis Elbow, Joint Swelling or Muscle Stiffness physical therapy can help. Proper Stretches and Strengthening exercises can help you in restoring the movement to its fullest.
Recovery from stroke: 
Suffering from a stroke often means the individual has some level of paralysis or muscle weakness. The role of physical therapy is to improve strength and enable the individual to function as close to normal as possible.
Recovery from Injury trauma:
Physiotherapy can be used for many common ailments as a first line of attack before considering more major intervention such as surgery. This can include health problems lide joint and back pain, helping to mobility and strengthen muscles.
Manage age-related issues:
Certain age-related issues like Rheumatoid arthritis(RA), Sciatica, Osteoporosis, Dementia, Knee Replacement, Neck pain, Back pain etc can easily be treated by Physiotherapy.
Prevention from surgery: 
While surgery may be unavoidable in certain cases, physiotherapy can help eliminate the need for going under the knife, completely. Using a variety of treatments that include a combination of exercises and therapies, it assists in the elimination of pain from the root, heals injured tissues and facilitates painless & smooth mobility over a period of time. In case you have already undergone surgery, physiotherapy can help you recuperate and recover faster.

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