Physiotherapy is a unique treatment, which is generally used to cure people suffering from pain because of an illness, injury, or a disability. It also promotes good health and fitness. Physiotherapy or physical therapy is designed with the help of the science of movement. Apart from helping you overcome the pain, it can also help you expand your physical strength and get rid of any dysfunction caused by an injury.

The benefits of physiotherapy are many, and the best part is that it is suitable for all age groups. It promotes safe management of your illness and also lets you lead an independent life, post-treatment.

It is important to understand that physiotherapy is not all about exercise. Physiotherapy is a degree-based profession that falls under medicine. Your physiotherapists come with immense amounts of skill and are highly-qualified. Following are the advantages of physiotherapy;

    1.    No more pain  – The greatest advantage of physiotherapy is that you will no longer have to rely on medications or painkillers to get rid of your pain. Here, the therapist will help you with various exercises, such as joint and soft tissue mobilization. These techniques and treatments, help overcome the pain and restore the muscle movement. These therapies also prevent the pain from making a comeback.

 2.    No Surgery – Your physiotherapist will do their best to help avoid surgery and, in most cases, they are successful. With the help of therapy, you can eliminate the severe pain and even heal from the injury you have sustained. So, when therapy does the job of the surgery, you will not have to go through an operation. However, in some cases, surgery becomes a must. But, with the help of pre-surgery and post-surgery physical therapy, you can benefit tremendously. How? When you are in better shape, you will recover faster and when you practice therapy post-surgery, you will be able to get back to your normal shape faster.

3.    Improvement in mobility – Regardless of your age, sometimes you may have problem standing, walking or even moving. Here, physical therapy can help. Your therapist will formulate a plan according to your needs. With certain strengthening and stretching exercises, you can improve your mobility.

4.    Recovering from a stroke – When one suffers from a stroke, they tend to lose some degree of function,

balance, and movement. With the help of physical therapy, patients can strengthen the weakened parts of their body. Also, they can rectify their balance and improve their movement. The therapists will help the patients achieve independence even after suffering from a stroke.

5.     Recovery from a sports injury  – Playing professional sports puts you at risk of injury. It is inevitable, such as stress fractures in distance runners. With the help of physical therapy, you can control the injury and prevent it with the help of physical therapy. Hence, you will be able to make a safe return to your sport.

6.    Manage diabetes – Yes, diabetes can also be controlled with the help of physical therapy. As a part of your diabetes management plan, your therapist will design exercises according to your age and health, to reduce the blood sugar levels. Also, people suffering from diabetes have sensation problems in their legs and feet. So, with physical therapy, you will be able to take proper precautions and prevent any future problems.

7.    Manage women’s health – When it comes to pregnancy or post-partum care, women may suffer from certain health conditions. With the help of physio, you can manage these conditions effectively and it also offers special treatments for; bowel incontinence, breast cancer, constipation, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, etc.

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